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My name is Andy Morgan. I’m an online nutrition coach and trainer. I help people get ripped without the frustration.

I believe there is a need for a counterbalance to the fitness industry’s growing nonsense. A practical and applicable one.

The guides on this site show you how to transform your physique with the minimum effective dose. They are formed from the teachings of the best science-based guys in the industry, then refined and developed through my work online with clients. They are my way of giving back to the community.

No supplement sales, no industry nonsense. Welcome to RippedBody.jp.



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Does the simplicity of just two meals a day and three days a week in the gym for an hour sound refreshing? Intriguing?


  • Scott - New Zealand
    "I found the change to IF liberating, enlightening and a whole lot easier than I had anticipated. I had become a slave to the kitchen and my tupperware. Before IF my whole life revolved around what time I had to be back, what time we could leave, what I needed to take. It was exhausting. I moved to 2 meals a day and I’ve never looked back, it...
  • John - USA
    "I’ve worked with several ‘big name’ internet trainers/coaches. ALL of their programs and diets produced results initially. The problem for me was that those programs required increasing amounts of gym time and caloric restriction to either maintain or produce further results. I had to be honest with myself about the amount of time I could ...
  • Blair - UK
    "Andrew, I have to admit, I like being able to see my abs clearly on a daily basis without feeling like I’m working on it. I want to thank you again for your guidance during this process. I’m very pleased with how lean I was able to get without losing much (if any) strength. It was a great learning experience for me. Thanks again for everyt...
  • Yousef - Qatar
    I worked with Yousef for just over three months, and then advised him on how to progress moving forward. He sent me the following pictures a few months later beaming with pride over his new physique and happy to share them. The one set above is 6 months after he started his cut, and the next a month into his slow bulk. I should have asked for t...
  • Abdul - UK
    "You were right, the transformation is drastic. I never believed I could shed basically 18 pounds of fat in 12 weeks! Overall I am so happy to have just trusted your judgement throughout this process – I feel I have control given 15+ years of frustration with endless cardio and BS advice. Right now I am the talk of the office, gym etc – any...
  • C.H. - USA
    "I am very pleased with the results. More than anything I am satisfied that I now have the knowledge to keep weight off and as weird as it sounds I’m now no longer scared to get off track a little because I know how to take it right off without training like a professional athlete. Also, I was surprised as you were with my lifting gains. I ha...
  • Phil - UK
    "I would want to say thanks for everything Andy. I can’t see me ever going back to my old eating and training habits. You’ve saved me time, money, hassle and wasted effort. I’d be keen to emphasise that working with you has been extremely rewarding, productive, efficient and beneficial – and quite life changing in terms of freeing me...
  • Yan - UK
    "Hi Andy, Here are my 12 week stats and images, These are the best I could do with the available lighting. The 12 week journey has been fantastic! This has been so easy and enjoyable. I now feel i have complete control of my eating and exercise and I will eat and train like this for the rest of my life! I have never felt better my energy levels...
  • Pep - Spain
    "So far, it’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot and I feel deep gratitude for your guidance. I am too bad with english too put down in words how has been the whole process, i guess the images show much more than words do. I hope you are proud of my work so far, but it would be great for me if we could keep working together." - Whi...
  • Joe - USA
    "Crazy to think this is my 12 week update and the end of this journey. I am more than happy with the results that we were able to achieve and I can certainly appreciate the before and after pictures. I really couldn’t have asked for a better motivator and coach, your service is worth every penny. I wish you continued success with your busine...
  • Andrew P., USA
    "Andy, It’s been great working with you for the last few months. I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation and let you know how you’ve helped me. I considered myself a fairly rational, methodical person. I had read all the Leangains and Bodyrecomposition.com articles – that’s sort of how I found your site. I put all of that infor...
  • Kenneth - Sweden
    "I have tried different diets/training protocols in the past, they gave me some progress, but it always swung back, I was never able to get down to the levels of leaness I was aiming for. I found IF and Leangains, I made one attempt on my own but could not dial it in. So I found Andy’s site and, well, I never hesitade to be his client after our...

“Get your nutrition right, reap the rewards.”

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  • Don't Make It About The Money
    “Nice guy, not the kind of person to change an industry though.” Reading these words didn’t sting like you would imagine. I realised there wa...

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