A Quick Guide To Estimating Body-fat Percentage

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How To Calculate Body-fat Percentage
How To Calculate Body-fat Percentage

Finding your body-fat percentage is an imprecise endeavor.

The methods that we generally have available to measure it range from being ‘acceptably accurate’ to ‘very poor,’ and they are nearly all useless for tracking changes over time. – They’re all marketed as being really accurate of course, but that’s just because people are after your dollars.

Fortunately however it doesn’t really matter what your body-fat percentage is, you just need to get an estimation of it for your calorie intake calculations and setting your fat and protein intake targets. This is why I say, acceptably accurate – we don’t need to be exact, we just need to not be too far off.

The lack of a guide on this site to help you find this has been something that has bugged me for some time, however it seems like I’ve found a fix for that – a quick calculation to help you to get a good estimation of your body-fat percentage that can be used to help you set up your diet more precisely.

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Inside The Mind Of A Diet Coach

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Adjustments Manual Different Device Display Demo

Adjustments Manual Different Device Display Demo

Buy it now → 

The last four years have been something of a rollercoaster journey for which I have you, the RippedBody.jp readers to thank.

Whether you have actually hired me or just sent me an e-mail to tell me your story and say thanks, whether you have peppered me with questions in the site comments, shared on Facebook, or just simply silently lurked and clicked through my articles – I am grateful because it has all helped to keep me fed, watered, motivated and doing what I love.

I’ve taken the last 6 months off from coaching to work on improving the information on the site. This break is turning out to be a little longer than I originally anticipated as I have been getting a little carried away having fun with it, and before coming back to the coaching I wanted to really give it my all and give as much back as I can.

I’ve emptied my head – my coaching systems and philosophies – into a book for those that may be interested. I’m calling it, ‘The Diet Coaching & Adjustments Manual,‘ my first proper book in four years. It’s written on what I feel is one of the most important and yet underrated topics, something that separates those that are successful from those that aren’t.

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Podcast Interview – Eric Helms on Coaching & Making Adjustments

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Eric Helms 3DMuscleJourney Podcast
Eric Helms 3DMuscleJourney Podcast subscribe_on_itunes_badgeSubscribe-on-Stitcher-button-medium

Eric Helms is a coach, athlete, author, and educator. As a part of the 3DMJ Team he coaches drug-free strength and physique competitors at all levels. Eric has competed since the mid 2000’s in natural bodybuilding, unequipped powerlifting and recently in Olympic lifting. He earned pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011 and competes with the IPF at international level events as an unequipped powerlifter.

In this interview I pick Eric’s brain about his online coaching practice. We go into detail on two topics that I believe are the most under-discussed in the industry – progress tracking and the adjustment decision making process. Eric explains exactly what data he looks at, and the different principles that he applies when making decisions for his powerlifting and bodybuilding clients.

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Announcement: The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet – FREE Book & E-mail Course

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Facebook and Featured Image v2

This is my attempt to make the best and most complete diet set-up guide out there on any single page on the internet, bar none. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time away from coaching, this is (half of) it.

I’ve brought together the nutritional hierarchy of importance series into one page on the site, updated it heavily, and put it into book format, as I know some people will find it easier to digest that way.

I’ve also put together an e-mail course to go with it, highlighting the most common mistakes that I see people make when setting up their diets. It’s a detailed 5 part course, each part 800-1200 words in length.

The Mistakes (with solutions):

  1. Worrying too much about the initial calculations, failing to track how they are working.
  2. Not developing sufficient buy-in.
  3. Letting hiccups along the way stop you from achieving your dreams (a very personal example here).
  4. Mistaking water weight fluctuations for changes in body fat.
  5. Cutting calories prematurely due to mistaking water retention for a stall in fat loss.

Downloading the book activates the course, and I’ve timed the e-mails so that they will send just around the time that people are usually about to screw up the implementation of things.

With the guide and course together, I think we’re onto a winner.

Prefer to keep with the web version? It’s all in one page here →

Maximum Genetic Muscular Potential – The Models And Their Limitations

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Kim Jin Ho - Genetic Muscular Potential - FB
Genetic Muscular Potential

Key points:

  • There are limitations to the maximum drug-free muscular potential models out there.
  • It’s useful to be aware of them, but you shouldn’t necessarily cap yourself at what these calculators would peg you as being capable of achieving.
  • As fun as it would be, it is not possible to simply make a calculation to determine whether someone is ‘roided to the gills or not.

The guy you see above is legendary Korean bodybuilder, Kim Jin Ho. This photo was taken of him at the Bodypower Pro show in Birmingham in May, a qualifier to get into the Mr Olympia competition 212lb division. Mr Olympia is bodybuilding at the highest level. The contestants are not tested for drug use. He is 5’4, and weighed 178lbs on that day. He won.

Is it possible that he is natural?

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How To Adjust Your Diet To Successfully Bulk

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Menno Henselmens, How To Bulk

Menno Henselmens, How To Bulk

Picture: Coach Menno Henselmens. – Natural, shredded, nailing it like a boss.

Bulk’ – to gain body weight, with the primary goal of gaining muscle.

I feel there is an absence of quality diet advice out there for people trying to bulk. ‘Eat more!’ – lacks the detail and finesse to really optimise things, ‘Calculate your macros, train hard’ – misses the fundamental point that as we progress, calorie and macronutrient needs change and adjustments are needed to keep us progressing.

This guide is something that people have been bugging me to write for nearly three years, but truthfully, back then I didn’t feel that I had enough experience to write one without simply parroting things I had read elsewhere and applied to only a handful of clients. I’m glad that I waited, as coaching a lot of people through a bulk is the only way I could find out what stuff really matters vs what doesn’t, and come up with my own way of doing things.

How much more should we eat? Of what macronutrient? Do macros matter? How do I know when I should adjust? How do I minimise fat gain?

This is detailed, as that is how the overwhelming majority of people requested it. – 8000 words, and approximate ~35 minute read time. – There is a fair amount of reading up front then, but it may save you months of effort down the line.

I cobbled together 12 ‘graphs’ to try and explain what I am talking about visually. I’m no graphic artist though, so perhaps better to consider them whiteboard scribbles. Sincerely, I hope you find it interesting as well as practically helpful when choosing how you wish to bulk and implementing it successfully.

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