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Almost all successful people have had coaches or mentors, regardless of their field. I hire someone to look after my own training myself. If you are serious about getting your physique goals nailed then it’s worth considering hiring someone even if only once.

That’s not to say you can’t do this on your own, you can, and literally thousands of people have used the guides on this site to transform their physiques. However, to get the best out of yourself you need objectivity, and leaving things in the hands of an experienced professional takes the frustration and guesswork out of things, which is going to make you a lot more productive in the other areas of your life.

Coaching – Beyond Just a Diet and Training Plan

Experience & Passion

I am good at what I do because I love what I do, and though it may sound strange, I wake up each morning positively buzzed about my work. I take every client interaction as an opportunity to become better as I want to excel in this field.

I’ve personally coached hundreds of people helping them to transform their physiques. Because of this, though you may consider your personal situation a puzzle, it’s highly likely that I’ve worked with people in a similar position before and guided them through it, which means I know what to expect and what to do to give you the results that I’ll have predicted in our initial contact.

Experience vs Knowledge

Support – Motivation -  Accountability – Long-term Guidance

We’ll work together with 12 weeks, which I’ve found is a good timeframe to not only get great changes, but to set you up with everything you need so that you can continue to improve over time.

Specifically, initially I’ll set you up with: i) initial macronutrient targets for your goals, ii) example meal templates, with customisation rules to help the food fit your preferences  & personalized meal timing suggestions for your schedule, iii) a training program tailored specifically towards your goals, experience, and schedule. I’ll then clarify any points and answer any questions so that you know how to progress until the first reassessment point.

The reassessment points are key in my eyes to getting good results, as any initial calculations can only ever be a ‘best educated guess’ (due to the adaptive nature of the human metabolism). We’ll do so every 2 or 4 weeks (depending on which level of contact you choose). I’ll ask a few questions and take a look at the different data points in your tracking sheet and we’ll make adjustments if/when necessary to keep things on target.

Consultations take place via e-mail. 
I’ve tried many different forms (Skype, phone etc.) and I’ve found that e-mail works by far the best as our mails will form a valuable reference tool for later on also.

I want you to become independent of me.
I am not aiming for repeat business, I aim for referral business. I want you to be walking around looking awesome for years so that people ask you how you did it. – I’ll give you everything that you need so that you can do that.

See the Nutrition Coaching series of articles to read more about what I feel the value of an online coach is and specific example case studies and interviews.

A No Nonsense Suggestion and Prediction
(A Free Consultation)

Clearly it’s important that you feel my coaching style is a good fit for you, so we’ll have a few mails back and forth first. I’ll spend this time gathering the necessary information to make a suggestion on the path I think we should take to achieving your goals. – This will form the basis of our coach-client relationship.

I am direct by nature, honest by necessity, and conservative in my approach. In an industry riddled with exaggeration and lies, I pride myself on the accuracy of my predictions on what I think can be achieved in a 12 week time frame.

  • If I don’t think that we can get it to work given your current set of circumstances, I’ll tell you.
  • If I think you need to just make a simple change rather than hire me, I’ll tell you so.
  • If the gap between your expectations and the reality of the results I think I can bring is too large, then I will politely decline.

If we agree on the prediction/suggestion I’ll then send over pricing and more details on those two different assessment tiers available. I want to check that we are on the same page first which is why I don’t publicly publish pricing information – some people feel that  they can throw money at a problem to fix it and I don’t want to attract those types.

If this all sounds good to you then fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll take it from there. But first, a few quick things I’d like you to know…

1. Coaching spots are limited.

This is because my time is limited. I’m after serious people who are looking to put the work in to make a change. The number of applicants that ultimately become clients is less than one-third.

2. You’re busy, I shoot to give you the maximum return on your time investment.

  • Training requirements are kept to a minimum, typically 3×1 hours a week.
  • Barbell training is preferable to home workouts, but this doesn’t rule them out.
  • Cardio is very rarely used.

3. I am not a rehabilitation specialist. If you have an existing injury please read here.

4. I use a diet method based on the principles taught by Martin Berkhan because I believe his ideas are among the most scientifically sound and effective in the industry and I want to support Martin in promoting his work, particularly in Japan. However, if you want a Leangains consultation there is only one place you can get that and that’s from Martin himself.

Personal Requirements

* I can not take on anyone under the age of 20 - adult age in Japan.

* I no longer work with vegetarians - it doesn’t jive well with my simplified counting framework.

* Sleep/stress – If currently stress in your life is high and sleep quality poor then work on those things first before looking to continue with this. Do not underestimate the importance of these two factors. (details)

Female applicants need to have considerable barbell training experience. (reasons/ *strength standards)

*Smartphone communication is declined.

Swimming Upstream

The consultation process is very detailed. Typing mails on our phones leads to ill-thought-out, badly formatted messages, chat-like back and forth, and skim-reading.

The main problem with this is that it increases the likelihood that you or I will miss some important information when looking back through things which will hinder the decision-making process.

As I value getting a good result for clients very highly, smartphones are a source of daily frustration that I have chosen to live without.

Personally, this is enough of a deal-breaker for me to decline if it is not possible or respected.

Still interested? Let’s do this

There is currently an approximate 7-10 day waiting list – it’s the only way I can keep standards high for existing clients. 

I’ll send a confirmation mail within 48 hours. Please check your junk/spam folder because I hear they often get lost there. 

If you have any trouble, contact me directly at: Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!

267 thoughts on “Personal Coaching: Nutrition and Training

  1. Andy, I just wanted send you a quick thanks for all the help in the last 12 weeks. I’ve played sports, worked out on a regular basis and can’t believe the difference in my body. The amount of information on your website along with your quick and simple guidelines has made things a lot easier and can’t thank you enough.

    I have learned how to eat properly, train 3X week with no damn cardio and finally start to see the results i’ve been waiting for.

    To anyone considering an online coach and need someone to put you on track, let me tell you this is the best $$$$ I’ve spent and encourage you you take the step. This was my first online coaching experience and very excited to see where this knowledge will take me in the upcoming months. I have a long way to go, but now have the knowledge thanks to you.

    Cheers bud!

  2. I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Andy for all his help over the past few months. I’ve spent the last almost 10 years wanting to get into the sort of shape where I could feel great taking my top off, and I just never really seemed to ever get there.

    But after 3 months of working with Andy, I managed to get down to the lowest bf I’ve ever been at, and it actually was easier than some of the other methods I’ve tried.

    This is basically where I got to:

    A lot of my friends didn’t understand the benefits of having an online coach, but for me it was exactly what I needed, that bit of extra pressure to stay on course, as well as having someone taking away a lot of the second guessing and procrastination that occurs when you are trying to do things on your own.

    Now its 2 weeks after I finished with Andy but I’m already confident that I can stick to advice he’s given me for the future and make better gains than ever before. I’ve already recommended him to a lot of my friends.

    • Richard, thanks for taking the time to write this and sharing the pictures also. Great working with you. Look forward to seeing what you can do with the next 6 months!

  3. Thanks for all the help Andy. After doing this program and going through your site again, it makes a lot more sense and reenforces my beliefs on what I have been researching. You provide all the right information but it was really worth it to pay for the services. Having another set of eyes helps.

    I want to be one of those guys that will send another picture in a few more months showing a good cut. I have a ways to go but the path you have put me on should get me there. I just have to keep the motivation going and watch what I eat. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. When I get down to 175-180, I would like to start gaining again but at a slow pace and put on some muscle. I have a ways to go to get the strength to where I want it. I need to squat and bench 2x my weight at least. I am not worried about the deadlift since I love training for that.

    I switched my chest and back day to accomadate a deadlift competition here at the base. I went against a bunch of Marines and Navy special forces folks. I think I was the only civilian there. I was actually pretty happy with the results. My three lifts were 395, 425 and 450. I have never went over 415 before. 425 went up easy and the 450 was a little hard but felt great. My weigh-in was 200 for the event. That was with clothes and towards the end of the day after I went ahead and ate lunch. I figured I didn’t want to do the lift on a 21 hr fast. Of course I didn’t win but I wanted to see how far away I was from the other guys. Top weight was 560. Not sure what his weight was. Damn Marines…

    Keep posting additional information and links. Love the site and will keep visiting.

    • Jeremy, thanks for posting that here also. Congrats on the PR, awesome to see your change, and I look forward to seeing a mail in my inbox in six months when you’re shredded.

  4. Thank you so much Andy! Prior to contacting you, I knew the rules but I really couldn’t look at things objectively. While my weight seems to be quite stubborn, I am leaner and fuller than I was before. I really thought I was a patient man before but this has been quite trying and an excellent lesson for me. I’m going to continue pressing on until I’m satisfied, definitely helps that summer is on the way. I will definitely send you an update when I decide to start the slow bulk and keeping abs journey. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and again, thank you for the lessons!

  5. I have always worked out with weights since my high school days some 15 years ago, but it seems ever since I got in my 30′s – no matter how much cardio I did, which new workout I did from Men’s Health or Muscle & Fitness magazine – the only mass I could gain was at my gut! I have tried cross fit stuff, more cardio, HIIT, and worked with personal trainers. Nothing ever seemed to really progress.
    I came across this website in August, and since I was pushing 250lbs I knew I needed to make changes. Although I was strong, I did not like the look of the guy showing up in my pictures, I decided to implement the nutrition and work out regimen recommended here. Everything was explained well here, and when I read Andy’s website articles, I had a few thoughts:
    1. I only have to work out 3 days a week? I’m already doing 4 so that’s easy.
    2. I really don’t have to do several hours of cardio a week to get a lean body? Great, cardio is boring.
    3. I don’t have to cut all carbs and follow a no-fat diet eating 6 small meals for the rest of life, nearly eliminating pizza, chicken wings, and beer? That’s not what every person trainer I have worked with told me.
    Following the information and guides here, I progressed ok in my mind losing close to 10 lbs over 3 months. Granted that’s not dramatic results, but I was actually working out less and not worried about my binge drinking episodes that happen on the weekend.
    In late November, I finally contacted Andy for a consultation. I figured if I could progress some on my own, what could happen if I was working with the man detailing instructions for me? I figured if I don’t have to hire a personal trainer at the gym again because I will know what to do, this would be an investment that would be recouped. Letting him set up my macros was a big relief, because now I was not going to wonder if I am doing the right thing. And although there are a lot of details in the website, you get even more information from Andy when working with him.
    At the end of the 3 months with Andy’s coaching I have dropped another 21 lbs of weight and maintained my strength. Although I still have work to do, wearing my same belt and going 5 notches in does a lot for your personal confidence. And finally, with the detailed instructions he leaves at the end, I know I will be able to monitor, improve, and adjust my diet and workout as needed with out any help.
    In short, thanks Andy for all you do and the time you put into your website and working with me!

  6. I’d like to take the time to thank you for our time working together, and I feel I have learnt a lot, especially in terms of simplifying things and the importance of tracking progress and being objective. Finally I can see the clear path ahead and I know now that I will reach my goal of being ripped, and I know I will get there with relative ease. Thank you for all of the information you’ve provided, both in the emails and the free information you provide on your website.

    To anyone reading this, I’d really recommend that you do take on Andy as your coach. I’ve always struggled with weight loss and would do stupid amounts of cardio, extreme dieting and take x supplement thinking it was going to help me lose weight, and always looking for shortcuts with little return.

    If this situation sounds familiar to you, Andy will free you from this bullshit, as he did for me.

  7. Hey Andy,

    I would never have believed 3 months ago that I could do chin-ups with 45lbs hanging below my waist. That is almost 1/3 my weight!! Thank you for setting up a program to allow me to do that while losing weight! While I’m not where I want to be, I know I’m on the right track. You and your blog have set the expectations correctly on what is achievable in the 3 months. I still got ways to go by adding more muscle weight before I go for a shredded look. But doing your coaching program opened up my eyes on how far I let myself go by saying I’m “bulking”. What a big fat lie I was telling myself! I know what you do is hard and repetitive, but I hope you stay around for a very long time for others. Thank you very much!!

    PS. That’s from not doing chin-ups before the program as well!

    • Eric, thanks for posting that here bud. You’ve got a base now and are going to look good when cut. Add in another slow-bulk then cut cycle and you’ll be an even better version, Tuna v3. Good working with you. Ha, still can’t get used to calling you Tuna, so nearly didn’t reply to your application cause I thought you weren’t serious. Glad I did now.

  8. Hi Andy,

    Would the IF / Lean gains style for fat loss still be effective without weight training, and used primarily just for Fat Loss?

  9. Andy,
    I’m so pleased to write this testimonial here and let you know that I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I’ve been involved in martial arts my whole life but my diet was always a weak point for me. With your guidance and help I learned how to eat properly and still be more than satisfied. I always knew it would take someone with a no fluff approach to get me in the right mind set and we’ve accomplished that together. So again, thank you for that.

    To anyone debating whether or not to take the first step and begin this journey with Andy as your guide I say this to you; Having Andy as your coach, isn’t going to make you magically sprout abs and biceps that will make everyone on the beach do a 180, that’s on you. What Andy will do, is give you the motivation and tools to accomplish that goal. I can confidently say that without Andy, I’d still be gaining weight while sitting at my desk job none the wiser.

    • Anthony, thanks for posting that here. Just looking back at that initial photo you sent me on November 18th (which was my 30th) has made me smile. great changes, good working with you bud.

  10. I am too damn excited! Im a big fan of your approach hope to get more info from you soon Andy.One more african client location for your map :)

  11. Just filled out my form. Looking forward to hearing back and going from there! Having just started IF this week, your site has been a huge help in getting started. Although with my busy schedule I could use all the help I could get in understanding IF / LG and meeting my goals.



  12. I filled out a form and I look forward to hearing back. Your site is by far the best information related to the lean gains method I have ever seen, great job. Having been reading and employing Martin ‘s methods for over a year, it is nice to see an active site thriving whereas Martin’s has stopped.

    • Received on the 10th Billy. Just replied to you this morning. Should have an auto-responder from the 10th in your spam also, please give that a read.

  13. G’day Andy,
    Just wanted to say I’m really excited at the prospect of what I can achieve with your help and I look forward to your reply.

    Cheers mate,
    Col duncan

  14. Thanks Andy for this website, it’s been a massive eye opener. I’ve sent you a message, I hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind regards,

  15. You and your site have changed my life. If I could find a donate button, I could show a little bit of thanks. I sure as hell would buy the t-shirt should the day come that it’s not a hassle for you to sell them. Appreciate your work, Andy.

    • Austin, really glad to hear that and appreciate the sentiment but I won’t be adding a donate button, just happy so many people find the site useful. If you’d like to help, keep on keeping on, stay healthy, keep improving, and those friends around you will come asking you what you’re doing. – You’ll then know where to send them!

  16. Andy,
    Just submitted my request. I hope to hear from you soon! I am really excited to make changes to my lifestyle. Definitely encouraged by the information on your site and you extensive background!

  17. Hi Andy,

    I,m from México and decide to apply.

    Hola a Andy soy de México, de verdad me pareces una persona honesta y agradezco tyu gran esfuerzo que haces por nosotros.
    Seguiré leyendo y aprendiendo, tus artículos son muy interesantes.
    Disculpa escriba en español,pero mi ingles es muy malo.
    Saludos desde México.

    • Alfredo, thank you for the comment. I just put your sentences into google translate and I’m happy that you’ve been finding the site so useful.
      If you’re ability with English isn’t good enough to write that then I’m afraid there is no point moving forward with a consultation as it will be very detailed – probably a lot more so than you are thinking – and I can’t see translation software working well enough.

      • Wow the fastest answer ever, my english is bad, but I promise to put my best , and try to write the best I can.
        I know some terms for exercises,muscle and body parts ,even foods, give me a chance please :)

        If you still thinking is a dificul thing I undertstand, the site have a lot of info,I know I can learn reding it.


        • If you read the site through and can understand it perfectly fine, then please feel free to apply as the info I will send you will be at a similar level of difficulty. (Nothing more technical.) I just wouldn’t want you to waste your money.
          If you have any questions, always welcome to ask in the comments. You’ll see there are a lot all over the site so feel free to ask.

  18. Hi,

    as many other here, I have filled out the form – looking forward to read from you soon and I hope you have a big strong team for all these people out here wanting a consultation! (there are sooo many, how do you manage that??)

    keep up the work :))))

  19. Hey Andy. I sent you an e mail replying to an e mail you sent me 8 months ago regarding a consultation. I am ready to start but was wondering if I should’ve filled out a new consultation form, or if you will receive my e mail. Let me know how I should proceed. Thanks!

    • Received your mail, replied the same day but it bounced back. Your mail address was different. Anyway, I asked kindly to fill out the form and we’ll take it from there.

  20. Hey Andy,

    So I am trying to get an idea for foods that I can eat that contain fats??
    I like sushi, so I do that….and I have started doing BP Coffee… what other foods can I use to get in good fats?

    Is a 3-day training mandatory, or can I do 5 – 6 days??

    What are some tips/tricks to make it through the morning hunger??


    • Seth, thanks for the questions.
      I am trying to get an idea for foods that I can eat that contain fats??
      I think the best thing you can do is to keep your diet as it is for a week, but put everything into a nutritional calculator. You’ll soon see what foods have fats, and can work forwards from there.

      I have started doing BP Coffee
      Meaning with butter added as well right? – Does not confer the benefits that is purports to and is at best a waste of money, if not an outright scam, and at worst a cholesterol time bomb in some people. Anyone interested in finding out more, check out the June and July 2013 issues of the AARR for an independent review of the evidence.

      Is a 3-day training mandatory, or can I do 5 – 6 days??
      Nothing is mandatory, but should you be messing with a system that isn’t broken? Further thoughts on this classic mistake here.

      What are some tips/tricks to make it through the morning hunger??
      Wait 7 days. Your body will adjust and you cease to get hungry in the mornings.

      • So I went up and signed up for the AARR and pulled down those two articles……I will most likely stop doing my BP Coffee now….

        I will see what I can do on my training schedule…..I was looking at your BIG 3.
        So I was thinking I would do the BIG 3 (plus another one I am adding in for shoulders) on Tuesdays and Thursdays
        On Wednesday I will do my Bi/Tri workout
        And Monday/Friday do my tire flips and sled pushes.
        Perhaps in time I will cut back to 3 days……It is gonna be very TOUGH for me to do so…..

        Yeah I have been doing the IF thing since 8/6/13 and still get that hungry feeling in the morning, even with BP coffee……so I have about 5 nuts at times to try and hold me……

  21. Hi Andy… Just submitted a Consultation request – I’ll wait the ~7-9 days for a response. Domo Arigato for the effort you do on this site.

  22. Hey Andy, have sent you a consultation email, really looking forward to hearing from you and working with you over the coming months, regards from Thailand :)

  23. Hey Andy,

    Just finished the end of our 12 week consultation, the time has flown by!

    Thank you so much for your help. I am really feeling on top of my training and diet for the first time ever!

    Ability to ‘not sweat it’ when out to dinner or indulging in the odd unplanned mini binge has been a revelation. The realisation that I can apply the simple rules to my macros and just manipulate as necessary as I cut/bulk takes away all of the stress :). Plus I am safe in the knowledge that any unintentional fat gain will soon disappear once the macro’s (and some patience) are re applied.

    Looking forward to applying the finishing touches to getting shredded and then moving onto a slow bulk, I will keep you posted!

    • Tim, great working with you Thanks for taking the time to post here. Always available in the comments on the site or the Facebook page so don’t be a stranger.

  24. Hi Andy,
    A quick question about that “Things you need to know” section. About vegetarians, I searched and read through your articles and googled around. Is this method even possible for vegetarians? Does it produce results? Also, would you work with ovo-lacto-vegetarians (eggs, cheese and whey proteins included in diet)?

    • Yes it can work if you can meet your macro requirements. I just choose not to coach vegetarians anymore as it doesn’t fit well with my simplified counting rules.

  25. Hi Andy,

    My myotape comes monday. I’ve had the email asking for the tracking sheet yesterday. I will be ready to start tracking properly after the weekend. Is this an issue for your scheduling? (I’m assuming the actual start of the consultation begins when I am ready)



  26. Hey Andy!
    I’ve just send you a consultation request! Maybe you’ll see in your mail-folder that this is my second mail (first mail in january). Since that time i’ve been suffering from Fuckarounditis! Hopefully you will help me to cure from this!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  27. Great site, really appreciate your work. Already helped me to change my fuckaroundtitis plagued training to something useful (The Big Three). Sent my consultation request yesterday, looking forward to hearing from you and start your program.

      • Hi Andy-

        I just submitted my consultation request about a month ago and haven’t heard from you. I just submitted it a second time. I will be returning from vacation on June 14th any way we can get to work that following monday.

        • Hi Dan, your application was received on the 10th and then you should have had an auto-responder explaining the wait and some things I asked you to repair. I then replied on the 25th of May. I’ve just send the reply again. Please check your spam folder for this. Apologies, it happens a lot.

  28. Hey Andy,
    Glad I found your website and about IF’ing mate!! I’m really looking forward to learning from you via online coaching. I sent you an email on 27.05.13 (email:, Name: Thiruvarangan Thirunimalan) and I know you said there’s a 2 week wait, which is fine, but just so I know how much to save up from my paycheque this month, would you be able to give me a very basic understanding into how much the Tier 2 and Tier 3 training cost? Thank you…!!

  29. Hey Andy,
    Our 2nd reassessment period is this week. I have a family getaway the end of the week and wont be able to measure friday AM. I was wondering if i should train sunday, tuesday and measure thursday AM and send you those. The only thing is that i normally take sat+sun off and instead of having 2 rest days out of 7 i would have 1 this week and 3 next week. Would this balance out and be OK?

  30. Hi Andy,

    Quick question:

    Your mail on tracking says that I take my measurements on a training morning. In my progress spreadsheet the dates are set on a rest day (Thursday). Should I change these to a the nearest training day (Wednesday)? If so do I then submit to you on a Weds or do it on a Thursday?


  31. Hi Andy, I have heard great things about your program…i am super excited to hear back from you and get started!

  32. Hi Andy,

    Hope you remember me. Theis Draeberg from Denmark. Anno 1 year ago. Just sent you another consultation request. Hoping you can answer. You might be busy.

    I am ready for step 2.

  33. How come when you finally decide to turn things around, you TRULY see yourself in the mirror!
    I look forward to working with you as I have quite a corner to turn in losing this body fat.

  34. Hey Andy!

    Been cutting for one month now, down 1kg.

    T = 2800 – 220p, 20f, 540c
    R = 1700 – 220p, 50f, 115c

    I’m 181 cm and weights 88kg. Doing RPT 3 times a week. Still fat won’t come off.

      • I currently weigh 82kg feels great, still there is no abs hehe might have to go down to around 76kg but afraid of losing muscles.

        I recently changed to a desk job so i added 1 hour walk 4-5 times a week. And also working out at least 3 times a week because I love it.

  35. Andy, heard great things about your program, and i am super stoked to hear back from you and get started!

  36. Hey Andy, Just sent you 2 emails. I through this the other through your other email as we had talked before but things happened and i couldnt follow through. Fully prepared now just want to know if youll take me.

  37. Why is experience with barbell training for women a requirement?

    It’s an unfortunate fact that the training industry is full of bull***t when it comes to women’s training. This means that:

    1. I cannot trust home workouts to be done with the intensity required.

    2. I cannot trust the average gym trainer-given routine to demand the intensity to provide an adaptive stimulus that will make the diet work.

    3. Men usually start a barbell training program and make gains quickly from the start, women can but often don’t. This often comes down to a difference in intensity, which is important for the diet to work as I mentioned above.

    Hiring a trainer to check form is a good idea, but often trainers are too soft on female clients at the outset, either because they have bought into the industry fallacy surrounding women’s training themselves, or are scared of pushing them away because of ‘tough’ workouts.

    If you’re a woman it makes sense for you to get some barbell training experience under your belt before hiring me so that you can deliver the required intensity to your workouts and thus make the most of our time working together.

  38. Had enough of dieting around like a headless (relatively) chicken, can’t wait for the consultation :).

  39. Hello Andy! I am setting up the “things” to contact you again bro. Which i hope, will be very soon. Take care and keep the good work!

  40. Andy

    Sorry if this has already been asked, (i’ve looked but can’t find it) I’m due to submit my first set of results to you this week, question is, the date i’ve got in my calender for submitting is Wednesday, do I submit on the Wednesday or do i wait till the Friday to fill out all of my strength tracking details from my Friday workout?



  41. Hi Andy, I just contacted you and see that it has removed all of my formatting! My apologies if you received one long paragraph!

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    • Ryan, thank you for the application. From your question I guess that my initial response went straight to your spam inbox. I warned about this above. Have a look, did you find it? The wait time is written in there. Currently about a week, not too different from what is written above.

  42. hi, I send an email I am very interested in you to be my coach, but I made the mistake of answering the mail. I don’t want to stay much time on the waiting list. sorry for my despair, I lost a lot of time trying to achieve my goals. I think you can see my email in this comment to contact me.

  43. Hey Andy

    I stumbled across your site as well as the lean gains site over a year ago. Initially I had some pretty great results but then a soccer injury knocked me off my stride, I was laid up, couldn’t train, my eating habits went to pot and I put plenty of weight back on.

    I have since shifted a fair bit of that weight by simply eating better and now I want to get back to using your methods but I have a slight concern.

    I changed jobs awhile back and now only work four days a week. However, due to certain circumstances I can only train on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have never trained like this before, I have always had a few days rest in between sessions etc.

    Is it even advisable to train like that?

    Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.

  44. Hey – this really doesn’t work long term. I’ve developed a radical new technique. Its called eating less and exercising more. Don’t believe this fraudster.

  45. Hey Andy, I’m using leangains/IF to cut at the moment and have a question. I’m using the 3 day a week dead,pullup/bench/squat split you posted (which is working well btw) but I am also going surfing or rock climbing once a week or so. I’ve dealt with this in a couple of ways but I’m curious if you have any recommendations that might improve what i’m doing.
    so far if the surfing or climbing will be <2 hours i just treat it like a training day with fasting and BCAA until having a post workout meal etc. this has worked well, but when im out longer than 2 hours I've been having a either a protien shake or some meat and nuts for breakfast since my pwo ends up too late in the day and no food prior starts to affect performance.

    I'm curious if you know a better way to approach this with the goal of cutting in mind?

    Thanks for your time!
    if this is a topic for a consultation i understand, gotta make a living after all!


  46. Hi Andy! I didn’t find an appropriate article to comment in so here it goes.
    I just bought some creatine monohydrate, should I wait with it until after we have our reassessment to avoid any errors in interpretation of my measurements or is it ok to take it right away?

  47. Hello Andy! I have a very crucial inquiry that may affect my overall progress due to schedule. 2nd semester of law school is coming up and i need to adjust my training and eating habit. My classes start from 5:30-830 PM daily and i have to do some heavy studying after arriving home probably till around 1-2 AM so i might wake up late than the usual with regards to my 9-10 AM fasted training. I can only afford to train between 1-4 PM and my previous fasting schedule is from 1:00 PM to 8:30 PM. What should i do with my schedule to better fit my incoming school semester? I’m afraid that if i screw even for just a little bit it might affect me in a big way. Thanks Andy and godbless!

    • Hi John, firstly, please relax. As long as your nutrient intake for the day is the same, and most of the nutrition for the day comes in the window post-workout – before bed, then you are fine.

      One thing that will most certainly stuff you up, both in terms of your studies and fat loss is lack of sleep, so make sure you get enough. Seems to me like you would be best to train 13:00-14:00, have your first meal at 14:30 and your last meal at 22:00. This way you’ll have a perfectly uninterrupted study session after eating, and will get your training out of the way earlier in the day.
      10g of BCAAs 10minutes before the workout and keep your meals the same.

  48. Hey Andy,

    Im looking forward to starting your program, I have sent you a request. I did receive your confirmation email also however it appears to have disappeared from my email, along with my sent messages. I hope you still have the request as the 14 day wait is killer!
    Anyway I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  49. Hello Andy,

    Hope you’re well. Just filled up the form, looking forward to hearing from you. As I specified in it I had prepared a more detailed email prior to looking for your preferred contact method. Would it bother you if I still sent you this email to the email address above? Should you be still interested to take me on as a client after you read the form you could read this mail & get a more specific idea.

    Kind Regards.

      • Hey, Thank you for getting back to me. Yeah I realised that once I read the your auto responder email. Keep up your good work.

        In the meantime if you don’t mind. What do you think of the 1 meal a day approach? I am a big eater and I have found it’s my only way of feeling full before going to bed, sticking all my macros in one meal.

        Thanks in advance.


  50. I’ve tried using your contact form but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is there an email address I can hit you up at?

  51. Hi Andy!
    I’ve just sent you a consultation request, hope to hear from you soon. I’m the typical skinny fat guy. Can’t keep the muscle when I cut, put on too much fat when I bulk. I’ve been If’ing for about 4-5 months, but I’m sure I’d benefit from your expertise, since my results so far are so-so.

  52. I started IF about 2 months ago after being in the worst shape of my life.
    I started to lift when i was about 15 but had lots of breaks.
    I would like to send you a before and after( its not really after cos im still trying to finally get the shredded and full look) and i would find it good if someone more experienced than me could give me a feeeback about my “progress”.
    I got noticably stronger and bigger over these last 2 months, but failed to get leaner.(thats my own oppinion at least..

    Maybe i am on track and i just worry too much, but looking at all the success stories here makes me doubt it..)
    I hope to heat from you soon,
    Keep up the good work!

  53. Hi Andy,

    I filled out a lengthy contact form for you, I hope you received this well and look forward to hearing back from you.

  54. Hey Andy, I’m a great fan.
    Can you help me? My rest days will become “rugby training days”… should I keep the low carb/high fat – even with the high acitivity and glycogen depletion from the training – or move my weight training to these days? Thanks.

  55. Hi Andy,
    On a rest day is it ok to eat my high fat meal in the evening rather than at lunchtime? I like to cook some eggs occasionally and thought id check with you first.

    I know this question has been asked on here already, but after looking for about an hour i can not find it anywhere!



  56. Hey Andy,
    I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for almost 2 months, i had about 17%BF, now its around 12%, but the problem is that my shoulder, arms, legs, even chest got lean, but I am not losing fat around my waist. Any advice? Should i change something with my macros or add cardio workouts before the eating window starts? Its genetics really, my father also got more fat there, but i am motivated to get rid of it.

  57. Hey Andy, I will be 18 in January, and I was wondering how much (on average) your two-tier twelve month package costs (monthly check-ups).

    • Apply in January and find out then. I’m not very good at predicting the future, nor do I give out prices as I don’t offer to work with simply anyone. First I have to see if I think we’re a good match.

  58. Andy,

    I need to work out at about 5am and wrap up about 5:45am. Is it better to delay eating until late in the morning and follow Martin’s BCAA protocol or would you make sure to eat a solid post workout meal soon after the completion of the weightlifting routine?


    • Depends on whether you wish to have meals in the evening with family/friends. If not then eat after, otherwise follow the BCAA protocol. Be honest with yourself. It’s fine either way.

  59. Just sent over my information. Lots of great info on the site. Thank you for that. Hope we can get together soon!

  60. Hi, I havent gone through another 4 measures until next week. Should I wait until next week with sending you the update, it will be a bit more than 4 weeks but it might be easier for you to work with? In your most recent article you were of course right. Weight added on vacation was lost during the first week of (on the last day it seemed) normal training. Thanks again for your awesome protocol.

  61. Hey Andy! Quick question: If I were to sign up for a consultation, what would I need, food wise? Also, is bodyweight work okay? I’m on the “Convict Conditioning” Program, if you’ve ever heard of it.

  62. Andy, I apologize if this question seems like it would be worth a consult, but I can’t even afford a gym membership (it’s ridonkulously expensive around my area, considering my shitty schedule (34€/month weekends only, much higher for weekdays). I’m on an internship with 0 compensation and 260€/month in terms of gas/road toll fees. Also, sorry for the whole “I’m poor” intro. Just trying to excuse myself here, and my will to be healthy and look good is still high.

    Anywho, I’ve been relatively lean for a while (68/179cm 25yr old) with no muscle mass and very very slight ab definition. I started on leangains recently after reading Martin’s stuff for the past three years, and your macronutrient calculation guide most recently. I’ve been lazy since 2009, but decided to try it out anyway. Note that I am completely untrained.

    There’s a fat problem here: no gym. I bought a barbell (1,55m 8kg)+20kg (2×10) iron plates, which is… nothing, along with a chin-up door-hang thingie (which is working fine, it seems). Each 20kg are 37€ (around 3800Yen). That’s bananas (even if it’s normal, it’s crazy expensive, but still a better investement than a gym in the long run… or not).

    Basically, Deadlifting 28kg seems worthless. And benchpressing at home is pretty complicated.

    Only the chin-ups seem fine (bodyweight and all).
    I guess I could do push-ups with my feet on a chair (to get around 50-53kg on that), and maybe spend ~110€ gradually over the next month or so on 60 extra kgs.

    So my question is (after this wall of text): is this whole “less weight = repetitions till exhaustion”, shitty benchpressing (with no bench O_o) program of mine completely hopeless? Should I find a different alternative?

    Thank you in advance, and again, I’m sorry if I’m stepping the line here by taking your time with this.

    • You’re right, 28kg deadlifting is worthless, as are the weights you have bought there. You’re to have to make an investment. Gym or a proper set of barbells and plates. -If the latter then check out second-hand sets.

  63. Motivation isn’t an issue. I can see the results when I’m sticking to the plan. I’ve put on enough muscle to clearly see a change. I think sometimes I get carried away and cut too hard, or something like that. perhaps I’m not inventive enough with meals, perhaps I need to focus less on food. One question though, if my protein intake needs to be about 180g, but the plan states ~900g of meat, then that’s 300g more than is required to meet my protein intake. Why is this?

  64. Hi Andy,

    I’m not sure there’s much you can say other than ‘doh, stick to the plan’ – but I’ve really been struggling. I started out at the start of January and after about 1 month, I binge, undo my hard work. I keep allowing this cycle to happen. The only good thing is that I have trained consistently, lifting heavy and concentrating on form – but eating too much. I have put on a good amount of muscle and up until 1 week ago, was leaning out. Mistakes I know I’m making: not tracking progress, and recently stopped measuring carbs. I’m not sure if moving to a different consultant package will help me get back on track and stick to it / feel more investment, or whether I need to sort out emotional / eating issues first.

    Feeling a little lost atm. Man – I’m not even sure what I’m asking. Just putting it out there that’s all.

    All the best,

    • Jacl what can I say. If you don’t track your progress then how do you know if you are or aren’t progressing? The measurements show up things that the eye can’t see. Same for the carbs, start measuring them again and you should see the results. You get out of it what you put in mate.

    • Jack what can I say. If you don’t track your progress then how do you know if you are or aren’t progressing? The measurements show up things that the eye can’t see. Same for the carbs, start measuring them again and you should see the results. You get out of it what you put in mate.

  65. Hey Andrew,
    Originally, my workouts were at noon,
    1st meal at 1pm, last meal at 8:30. (1-9 eating window. )

    My new schedule i will be working 9-6pm and workouts will be at 7pm. Where should i place my meals and which macro should i use per meal?

    I start this new schedule tomorrow.
    Thanks! Progress is great so far, and i look forward to our 4-week check in next week.

    -Daniel G

  66. Hey Andy. I’m a huge fan of your work and the way you approach IF. I actually just started a blog (not consulting so in no way am I trying to compete with you). I was wondering if you could give me some feedback? It’s called I know you’re busy so it’s no prob if you don’t have time. Again, huge fan of you and your work.


    • Cheers Adam.
      The title of your blog is “The Body Experiment” and thus a first time visitor shouldn’t have to go digging to find what that experiment exactly is, (3 months 6 meals a day followed by 3 months IF), it needs to be up there on that front page and obvious I reckon.

      Also, how exactly are you defining those 2 styles? There are many ways to skin a cat.

      • You’re absolutely right about different opinions and protocols for each diet strategy. I am about to post two additional sections to list what I am using as my guidelines for each methodology. I’m just going to use the most simple, most widely accepted ways to implement each. Not my opinions or thoughts, just what seems to be the most prescribed. I am also going to add a subtitle to the blog to better explain what it’s about. Thanks for having a look.

  67. Hi Andy,
    I am a golfer. I don’t think I can fast while I’m golfing for around 6 month (summer).
    I have been on IF for 5weeks and I see the result is comming.
    I really want to keep doing it….. If you have any advise for me??
    Much appreciated!!
    Aeran, from Canada

      • I am just concern that if I’m getting weak during the game in the heat.
        I usually drink a lot of water and mixture of elode(30g)+BCAA(30g) through out the game for endurance and prevent muscle aches.
        Can I take these two mixture during the fasting and golfng?
        I need help!!

    • Hi, Andy I was wondering if a shorter eating window is more effective then the 8 hours , I.e like a 4 hour window or even 6 hours? Does it make a difference at all ?

  68. You are doing a great job. Just left a personal consultation apply and I can’t wait until i hear back from you. Will be an awesome experience and journey for me.

  69. Hey Andrew,

    I’m very interested in starting consultations with you. I have e-mailed you already and waiting for reply =P

  70. Andy,
    My current program consists of two post w/o meals. One at 1830 hrs. and the other two hours later at 2030 hrs. Because of my schedule, both meals are being pushed back anywhere from a 1/2 to one hour. This at times, has left me eating an hour or less before bed time. With that said,
    Is it ok to narrow the gap/time between my two post workout meals so I get both of them in by 2030 hrs. ? Or should I consider having two pre-workout meals and only one post?


  71. Hi Andy,

    I have to say I am REALLY impressed with your work! I’ve already decided to apply for a personal consultation, but I won’t be able to send my body stats/goals ’till around mid November/December due to personal issues. Is this okay with you? I just thought I’d give you a heads up.


  72. Hey Andy,

    Im a big fan of the Intermittent fasting approach. Although I didn’t essentially get into my ripped body shape using the leangains approach, I have been using it over the last two months to maintain it, something that has proven to be difficult for me over the years of training. The first month I maintained my size, whilst getting some better definition in my abs.

    I then took a month of holidays and went travelling for 4 weeks, didnt train even once. Alot of alcohol was consumed, benders of upto 8 days!! To my suprise, I kept almost all the weight off, something that i would say would’ve been impossible if I wasn’t fasting and following yours and Martin’s guides on how to drink and not get fat.

    It was alot simpler than I thought, I just ate in the 8 hour window, kept high carb drinks to a minimum (beers), and got wasted on the harder stuff (tequilla, vodka). As a rule of thumb on the big nights of boozing tried to keep carbs/fat to a minimum and protein really high for satiety and to reduce catabolism. But of course, I am human and did go all out some nights, over ate my calorie intake by alot and was careless with drink choices.

    I feel like I should of stacked on a good 5 kilos of fat after putting my body through that much partying, but to my suprise, the six pack is still there and muscles haven’t magically fallen off!

    Time to get into it for a lean gain now, stack on some muscle and get super ripped! Thanks for the help!

    • Jez that’s great to hear. I saw your before/after pictures and they were awesome, got really well defined. If you’ve managed to keep that condition despite a month of partying in around Europe, that’s something special right there. Do have a link to a picture I can post to show people your current condition? Perhaps the transformation pics then your current condition now. I know people will be interested, and I’ll include it in the “How to drink beer and not screw up your diet” post (

  73. Andy, I cant tell you enough how amazing this diet is. Its so hard to scarf down 1000calories post work out but I feel so full and don’t have any cravings throughout the day. Being on this diet for only 3 days, i have already dropped 1.5 lbs!

  74. Just dropping a little note to say that I’m on day 5 of my diet, and things are working out beautifully! I’m never hungry, and I’m already down to 169 pounds! I started at 173!

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