Physique Goal Setting (Part 1)

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Physique Goal Setting

Last Updated: 25th November, 2014Identifying Where You’re At Now, Deciding On Your Best Course of Action, and Setting Realistic Goals I have had to decline nearly half of all coaching applicants in the last three and a half years because the expectations on what they thought could be achieved, and my opinion on what would realistically be achieved, simply could not … Read More

Simplifying Your Way To Shreds – Katsu’s Story

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Last Updated: 14th October, 2014 The picture above is of a former client Katsunobu, winning his masters class (50+) bodybuilding competition. It is possible that this means even more to me than it does to him. For me it represents the culmination of three years of effort. Katsu is the first real bodybuilder to take our Japanese site seriously enough to consider competing with … Read More

Don’t Make It About The Money

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Last Updated: 15th October, 2014 “Nice guy, not the kind of person to change an industry though.” Reading these words didn’t sting like you would imagine. I realised there was truth to them and felt the comment was fair. They came from a man who had single-handedly lit a rage-fuelled fire in me that lead me to quit my stable … Read More

How Do I Find Maintenance Calorie Intake After Dieting?

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Last Updated: 7th November, 2014 While you can’t go crazy like the Epic Meal Time gents above, you can certainly eat a lot more and maintain most, if not all of your leanness, after dieting. But people screw this up. They either diet blindly without ever thinking how they were going to maintain it, diet too hard for too long and then can’t maintain … Read More

The Myth of the ‘Best’ Macro Ratio

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Last Updated: 6th September, 2014 There is an idea out there that ‘golden’ macronutrient ratios exist that can transform a person’s physique. The idea was born in bodybuilding forums by people looking at someone else’s body transformation, asking their macro intake, then reverse engineering it to come up with a macro ratio that is assumed to be somehow special. I’m not a fan of this idea. It’s logically flawed and … Read More

Summer 2014 Client Result Selection

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Last Updated: 20th August, 2014 I’m trying to figure out a compromise where I can still share photos & testimonials, but save you the hassle of the results page load times (and me the headache of editing that huge lot of html). I think we’re nearly there, but in the mean time, here are a three recent client results that I thought might … Read More

On Cardio for the Physique-Focused Trainee

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Last Updated: 26th August, 2014 Cardio is a poor time investment, it’s not necessary for most men to get shredded, it can steal recovery capacity, serve as a distraction, and the level of fitness most people will be happy with for their weekend warrior activities can be achieved by simply getting leaner and stronger. If physique change is your priority then strength … Read More

Which Routine Is For Me?

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Last Updated: 22nd November, 2014Image EliteFTS This article ties together the threads that link the training program suggestions on this site. It shows you the big picture: what routine is going to be most suitable for yourself and when, what to expect, and suggestions on when it’s suitable to modify things to chase progress. We start off by filling in the broad strokes that will apply to most, then … Read More